Uploading large files from iOS to OneDrive for sharing


Here are the written instruction for how to upload large files to your OneDrive on an iPhone/iPad so you can submit them in TEAMS. This is a video version in our Instrumental Music 8-12 TEAM.

  1. Shoot your video on your iPad or iPhone
  2. Install OneDrive and log in using your @langleyschools.ca email address
  3. Find your video in the Photos app and tap the SHARE ICON (box with the arrow up)
  4. Tap the OneDrive icon to select it as your file destination
  5. This brings up a new screen with your file name, your account name and FILES.
  6. Tap FILES and click through the folders to select where in OneDrive you want to store the video. Once you’ve found the right place, tap UPLOAD HERE. 
  7. You will then get a progress bar and it will take a few minutes. Over Wi-Fi at home, it takes about 1 minute to upload a 15MB video for me, but that will depend on your connection. (If it stall out here for more than 5 min without starting, try deleting and reinstalling OneDrive, which worked for me.)

Your file should now be available in OneDrive. Now to share the link:

  1. Open the OneDrive app on your iOS device and it should give you a list of FOLDERS
  2. Tap on the one where you uploaded your video
  3. Once you see your video file, tap on the 3 dots to right of the file
  4. That will bring up a menu allowing you to Share, Delete, Make Available and a number of other things (This is where you can tap Rename This File if you need/want to rename the video)
  5. Tap Share and it will bring up a screen showing Send Link
  6. Tap on People you specify can view and select an option. To share it just with your teacher, tap Specific people and then tap the blue Apply button. Once you’ve tapped apply, you’ll be back to the Send Link screen.
  7. Input your teacher’s last name and they should pop up as an option
  8. Tap Copy Link and it will then be available to paste into your assignment that you send in teams, into the TEAMS chat or into an email.

Login and Music Check-In Reminder


I hope everyone is doing well and thank you so much to everyone who has already responded to the questionnaire that went out earlier. I have setup the Concert Bands, Jazz Bands and CLE9 class in TEAMS. I sent a message for the kids yesterday in their CONCERT BAND team with the code to join the full group for all the band classes as we are working to help get kids connected for next week. Many kids haven’t seen it yet so I wanted to reach out a few ways to be sure they are able to connect

STEPS to login and join the larger music group tor our check-in:

  1. Please have them log in to TEAMS through Office 365
  2. Have them find that message I posted yesterday
  3. Use the code to join the “Mr. Follett – Instrumental Music 8-12” team
  4. I have three 10 minute check-ins today and I’ll add two more for Tuesday. Students just need to pop in to ONE (only 1) of those for just a few minutes to check in so I know they’re able to connect.

If your child is having any challenges logging In (not just for music), please email me and I’ll help them out.

There will be no music content rolled out until next Thursday so the kids have Tuesday and Wednesday to get their feet under them with their academics. (I’ll continue to post fun stuff through dwpoppymusic.com, FB and Instagram.)

Thanks so much and stay safe.

Mr. Follett

PS – If you have not completed the music questionnaire, I emailed out again today at about 10:30am. Let me know if you need it sent again.

A quick note to check in with members of the DW Poppy musical community

Teachers will be reaching out on the phone over the next few days and even though your family may not be on my assigned call-list, I wanted to take a moment to touch base and let you know I’ve been thinking about you all. It is clearly going to be a very different Spring and I hope that you are all doing what you need to for yourselves and your families to stay healthy and safe.

I know that numeracy, literacy and academics will be a priority (as they will be with my own children!), but if you intend on going into the school to pick up your child’s essentials, consider grabbing your child’s instrument if was left there over the break. I am NOT asking anyone to make a special trip, only if it is already part of your plans. 

In the coming weeks, we will be offering some opportunities for the kids make music on their own and hopefully in a way that will allow them to connect online with their musical friends and peers as well. In the meantime, consider dragging that horn out of the case and onto the front porch at 7:00pm to make some noise (or play O Canada!) in support of our amazing Front Line Workers.

It has been said that music is what feelings sound like. Right now, for many of us, the ability to express what we may have trouble saying may be just what we need. Take care and I’ll look forward to connecting with everyone again soon.

PS – For now, connect with the music department here at www.dwpoppymusic.com and our Facebook a nd Instagram channels @dwpoppymusic

Dear Poppy Music Musicians and Families,

Clearly our year will be continuing much differently than planned and I wanted to touch base for a moment. At this point I have no concrete directives from the school or district as to how classes, including music, will proceed but we’ll be looking at that next week. When I receive information regarding music classes next week and beyond, I’ll update social media (Instagram @dwpoppymusic and Facebook) and our website (www.dwpoppymusic.com) for the time being.

For now, listen to your favourite music and take out your instrument and play for fun. Share your talent and love of music and know that we will be back at it in one way or another as soon as possible.


Mr. Follett

SWE – Reminder of the Elementary Zone Concert next week

Just a quick reminder to the Senior Wind Ensemble that we have the Elementary Zone Concert on Wednesday, March 4th. Call is 7:30 and we’ll be playing around 7:45 or 8:00pm. Just Midway March (with the cut) and Avengers: Endgame (from Portals to the end). Let me know if you have any questions and thanks so much for sharing your work with your elementary colleagues!

Grade 9-11 Students: Provincial Honour Ensemble Audition Materials now available!


In conjunction with the annual BC Music Educators’ Association (BCMEA) Conference, the BCMEA delivers special programming for BC’s most outstanding youth musicians. Hundred’s of students audition annually from across British Columbia for positions in one of five provincial honour ensembles – Choir, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, String Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble. These ensembles feature guest conductors from around the world providing rich and rewarding musical experiences for all those involved. Performances take place at the annual BCMEA conference in Vancouver/Richmond on Friday, October 23, 2020.

This is an incredible opportunity for any student to consider. We strongly encourage any interested students to pursue this and will do everything we can to support your efforts! The due date for submissions is Friday, April 24, 2020.

An overview of the program and related audition materials can all be found here at http://www.bcmusiced.ca/honour-ensembles-audition-materials.html

Please contact Mr. Follett or Ms. Caswell if you have any questions and good luck!

District Senior Jazz Festival – 6:30 call @ WGSS on Wed, Jan 29

Just a quick reminder that the District Senior Jazz Festival is on Wednesday, Jan 29 at Walnut Grove Secondary.

Call: Senior Jazz 10-12 call is 6:30pm in uniform with all music and equipment (including mutes for brass!) in the WGSS cafeteria.

Show: The show runs from 7:00pm to approximately 9/9:30.

Admission: To help cover the cost of the adjudicator and clinics, admission is $5 per individual or $10 per family (not including performers) at the door

This is a great chance to share our music with ensembles from around the district and to hear what other schools are doing. Email me if you have any other questions and I’ll look forward to seeing everyone from Senior Jazz on Wednesday.

Thursday, Jan 16 – No Sr Jazz or Jr Choir


Considering the continued cold, snow and road conditions, along with the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning, Ms. Caswell and I have decided to cancel tomorrow morning’s (Thursday, Jan 16th’s) Senior Jazz and Junior Choir rehearsals. Please check the SD35 website on Thursday morning regarding plans for the rest of the day.

Senior Jazz – I have already spoken with Brad Turner tonight and we will be rebooking our clinic. Please remember we still have the district festival with him as our clinician on the evening of Wednesday, January 29th at WGSS.