Snare Drum Rudiments:

Percussionists all need to develop their snare drum technique through the study of rudiments. Every term you will add to or speed up your rudiment vocabulary. You will be asked to perform both current and previous rudiments along with the linked demonstrations from the Vic Firth website.

  • A – Gold, Platinum or Diamond tempo
  • B – Silver Tempo
  • C – Bronze Tempo
Rudiments List:
  1. Single Stroke Roll
  2. Multiple Bounce Roll
  3. Double Stroke Open Roll
  4. Single Paradiddle
  5. Single Stroke Roll
  6. Multiple Bounce Roll
  7. Double Stroke Open Roll
  8. Single Paradiddle
  9. Flam
  10. Drag
  11. Single Stroke Four
  12. Single Stroke Seven
  13. Double Paradiddle
  14. Triple Paradiddle
  15. Paradiddle-Diddle
  16. Five Stroke Roll
  17. Thirteen Stroke Roll
  18. Fifteen Stroke Roll
  19. Seventeen Stroke Roll
  20. Six Stroke Roll
  21.  Ten Stroke Roll
  22.  Eleven Stroke Roll
  23. Triple Stroke Roll
  24. Flam Paradiddle
  25. Pataflafla
  26. Double Drag Tap
  27. Flam Paradiddle-Diddle
  28. Single Ratamacue