Welcome to DW Poppy Music’s 2023/24 Season

We hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are very exited to welcome everyone back for the 2023/24 season of DW Poppy Music! We have a full performance calendar including our traditional fall and spring concerts, ESPRESSIVO, ESPRESSIVO: Summer Pops and the return of the Poppy Jazz Cafe. Students will also participate in a number of festivals, district events, the elementary honour band and honour choir, and Junior and Senior Music Tours!

STAYING IN TOUCH:  Students will review the DW Poppy Music Handbook online in the first few classes with all information about what we do here and the expectations for the performing ensembles. Hard copies will be available but all information will be posted here and in Teams. The site will also continue to be updated in the coming days and weeks as we get rolling, and will host regular resources and updates for parents and our community. For regular communication, students need to connect with us in Teams regularly  and parents/guardians should have emails up to date for notices, and for quick update. Anyone can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @dwpmusicdept for highlights through the year.

Band 8, 9 and 10 are asked to bring instruments to their first classes as we hope to play at least a little in our first classes. There will be a lunch-hour meeting on Friday, September 8 in the band room for all off-timetable classes (Choirs, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Bands and Senior Wind Ensemble) and those classes will begin the week of Monday, September 11.

  • Off-Time Table Schedule for 2023/24
    • Junior Choir 8/9 and Senior Jazz Ensemble 10-12 – Monday/Thursday @ 7:15-8:45am
    • Senior Choir 10-12 and Junior Jazz Ensemble 8/9 – Tuesday/Friday @ 7:15-8:45am
    • Senior Wind Ensemble – Wednesday @ 7:15-8:45am and Monday/Friday @ Lunch
    • Senior Vocal Jazz – After-school – Tuesday & Thursday @ 3:15-4:30pm

We have our first Music Parents meeting the evening of Tuesday, September 19 at 7pm in the band room after the Grade 8 parent night. We’ll outline our plans for the year, how you can support your child’s progress and how you can get involved in making this a great year again for Poppy’s musicians.

Enjoy your last week of summer holidays and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone and beginning to make music next week!