Music Meeting Notes and a call for volunteers

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. We have a great year ahead. Sorry for the bit of a list, but a few points and a call for help we wanted to make sure every parent is aware of:

  1. Communication:
    1. Please be sure your child is in the ALL MUSIC STUDENTS Teams group as well as for each of their ensembles and be sure to check before leaving for early mornings in case we are ill and need to cancel
  2. Parent Support – the kids need your help!
    1. We are looking for parents to coordinate a number of activities (ESPRESSIVOs, Festivals, Concert Door) and to help raise funds for student travel (Neufeld Farms, Purdy’s, Poinsettias and Coffee). We’ll show you how if you need, but the fundraisers cannot run without parent help, so if you (or you and a friend or two) are willing to coordinate an activity or fundraiser please let us know by filling out the form here:
  3. Actions you need to see/hear from your kids at home:
    1. Your kids need to be practicing at least a 3-4 times a week at home (and sorry, but at the beginning of each season, it won’t sound good if they are working on the stuff they should be 😊)
    2. They regularly need to be listening to the recordings of their music (usually posted to Teams) so they know what the “target” is
    3. They need to stay on top of any written work or recording assignments posted to TEAMS so they should be checking those classes regularly at home, in the learning commons or on a device
  4. Off-Timetable Classes (Jazz Bands, Choirs and Senior Wind Ensemble)
    1. If your child is going to be late or absent, please email us directly – we don’t hear about absences for off-timetable classes from call-ins so please let us know so we know the kids are safe those morning,s especially for those who are driving themselves
  5. Events
    1. Concerts, Festivals and other performances (other than tour) are course expectations.
    2. All dates are in the handbook that should have gone home and online at or
    3. If there are pre-existing conflicts or challenges come up during the year, please let us know right away so we can support everyone
  6. Tours
    1. Junior Tour (8/9): UBC Residency (May 23-25)
      1. Info/pricing will be shared as soon as vendors lock spring prices but more details will be out soon
    2. Senior Tour (10-12): Montreal (Late April – 5 days)
      1. A separate email looking for interest in this trip is coming shortly before we move ahead

Thanks you all so much for your ongoign support of your child’s interest in music. If you’re able to help with one of our fundraisers, please let us know, and we look forward to seeing you at their first concert this year!