Fall Showcase Concerts Week is almost here!

As it’s now the waning days of October, we are in the final preparations for the two Fall Showcase Concerts. Juniors (8/9’s) are performing on Tuesday, November 5 and Seniors (10-12’s) are performing on Wednesday, November 6.

A “heads up” for grade 8 parents and reminders for returning families:

  • Students who have signed up for setup crews need to be in the band room right after school on their concert day at 2:30 and they will be dismissed as soon as they are done and our first concert of the year usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for setup. (Please note that all music students are required to do one setup per semester.)
  • Call for all musicians is 6:30pm. Students need to sign in on their class list in the band room as usual no later than 6:30pm, in uniform with all necessary materials for the concert. The show will start at 7:00pm and run times always vary – please stay for the show and support your child as they have worked very hard to prepare.
  • Uniform is “dress blacks” – black dress shoes, black dress pants, and black dress shirt. Juniors are encouraged to add red accents such as a tie. Seniors need to wear their Poppy Music Scarf or Tie along with their dress black (accent pieces will be distributed to 10’s in band on Friday).
  • As usual, all students are expected to help with cleanup after the concert. Once the dramnasium and band and choir rooms have been reassembled for morning rehearsal, we will post sign-out sheets and kids can be on their way.
  • Admission is by donation at the door and all proceeds go support your child’s music activities here at DW Poppy.

If you have any questions please send us an email and we will look forward to seeing you all either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Mr. Follett and Ms. Caswell