2021 Fall Showcase Concerts

We are excited to be able to present our Fall Showcase Concerts on November 17 and 18. We are working within the PHO guidelines to ensure everyone is as safe as possible, please remember to

  1. wear your mask,
  2. hand sanitize,
  3. sign in for contact tracing (online below or at the door)
  4. keep 2 (two) empty seats between family groups.

There are QR codes and links to access our online concert programs and online Contact Tracing form posted at the school but for ease, here they are one more time:

At the end of the evening, please exit the school through the south doors and walk around the school (to your left!) and meet your child at your vehicle or at the covered area outside so that we can leave the lobby area free for students to pack up for the evening.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy the show!