19/09/13 Update

Concert DatesI’d like to take a moment to officially welcome Ms. Caswell to the DW Poppy Music Department. She will be joining us to teach Choir, Musical Theatre, Vocal Jazz and the band/choir programs at Wix-Brown and Coghlan.

We’ve just completed our first full week here at Poppy and there are a few things we need to update everyone on:

  1. The Student Info and Expectation Forms (19|20 – SIUoE Form) that have not been submitted are now due. Please print one off and send it in Monday if you have not yet so that everyone is clear on our school concert dates and other music activities this year. The handbook is available online if you haven’t seen it come home yet (or you are a 11/12 and are viewing only online).
  2. Startup Materials Orders will be placed midweek so please ensure you have paid for the required and optional purchases that apply to your child. Payments for startup item are still on SchoolsCashOnline and deadlines have been extended to Tuesday for:
    • Stick Bag Packages ($85)
    • Band Folders ($27.50)
    • Sound Innovations Book II ($10)
    • Senior Choir and Band ties and scarves ($25)
  3. There are playing assignments for Band 8, Band 9, Band 10 and Junior Jazz due during their first class next week. Assignments are posted to their individual webpages along with reference recordings and other class information. Please ensure your child pulls their instrument out for a few minutes this weekend to prepare!
  4. CareerLife Education 9 is now running in the Band 9 class. These students have their first assignment due Thursday, September 19. All assignments will be available through the CLE 9 page this year.
  5. Please remember to save the date for the DW Poppy Music Parents AGM on Wednesday, September 25. We will start at 8:00pm (after the grade 8 and 12 parent nights conclude) and we aim to run 30 minutes or less but we need your help to ensure a great experience for your kids this year.

Thanks so much for your support of you child’s music education. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Caswell (Choir 8-12, Musical Theatre 8-12, Poppy Vox 10-12) or myself (Band 8-12, Jazz Band 8-12) via email.

Have a great weekend!