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LITERACY II – FIRST LISTENING ASSIGNMENT: Due via email before rehearsal on Tuesday, October 10:

Music can be used to either reinforce or alter an emotional state in the listener. When people feel sad, they may put on a sad piece of music that helps them process their feelings, or they might put on something upbeat to help them feel better.

For this assignment, you are asked to select a significant historic event and pair it with a piece of music of your choice. Email me a link to an mp3 or video along with a paragraph outlining the event and why you chose to pair it with this particular piece of music. Assessment:

  1. Active Link
  2. Details about the event (date, significance, etc.)
  3. Why you chose that event
  4. Details about he piece of music (title, composer/performer)
  5. Why you chose to pair it with your event.

Please email the above to me at prior to class on Wednesday, October 11