PC – September 17 – Bb Mixolydian Scale in Small Groups


Whenever a recording of the music we are preparing is available online, it will be linked here. We learn to speak as infants by listening, we learn to play music (even as professionals) the same way.

Jazz Scales
  • Major (from Sound Innovations II – lines 22, 29, 36, 43 are examples)
  • Mixolydian – like major, but we lower the 7th note of the scale (with a natural or a flat depending on what the 7th is in major. ie. B becomes Bb and F# becomes F natural)
  • Dorian – like major, but we lower the 7th (like Mixolydian) AND the 3rd notes of the scale.
  • Sept 10 – Duke Ellington (C-Jam Blues)
  • Sept 13 – Miles Davis (Freddie Freeloader)
  • Sept 13 – Gary Burton
  • Sept 13 – Lionel Hampton
  • Sept 17 – Herbie Hancock (Chameleon)
  • Sept 17 – Maynard Ferguson
  • Sept 17 – Buddy Rich
Essential Albums