Holiday REpertoire Video assessments – Due prior to December 11, 2018

Video Recording of the following are due before class on Tuesday, December 11. Video must capture your full performance (instrument, hands, face). If you do not have appropriate tech to complete it on your own, see me by Friday, December 7.

Email video with Subject: ESPRESSIVO EXCERPTS – Junior Jazz – YourLastName to be 3 separate videos at low resolution or one single video, but ensure they are in 1 email and the subject is as indicated or I will not receive the video.

Use a physical metronome, a metronome app, the  online metronome or play with the recordings to ensure you are playing in time and at the performance tempos.

  1. D Dorian in swing eighths to the 9th at Q = 104
  2. Greensleeves:
    • Trumpet/Flute: 17-24
    • Trombone: 25-35
    • Rhythm Section (Percussion on Vibes): 59-67
    • Alto/Tenor Sax & Clarinet:35-43
    • Bari Sax: 59-67
  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside
    • Trumpet/Flute/Clarinet: 37 and take the 2nd ending to the end
    • Saxes: 17-25
    • Trombones: 33-43
    • Rhythm Section (Percussion on Vibes): 25-40
Learning Log Entry – November 13 – “Junior Jazz FSC REFLECTION”

After listening to the recording of our concert last week, consider the following questions are write a dated (November 13, 2018) concert reflection titled “Junior Jazz FSC Reflection:

  1. What was the band’s best moment in the performance?
  2. What was your best moment in the band’s performance?
  3. What is one thing you heard for the first time in the recording?
  4. Describe one strength of our band right now
  5. How have we improved through this year so far?
  6. How could we continue to improve on the next set?
recordings – FALL REPERTOIRE: