Weather decisions for early morning classes

With the weather having finally turned to winter, a quick reminder around classes and snowfall. As the district doesn’t make the decision about closing schools until most people are on the road for our 6:45 rehearsals, I will make a decision regarding early morning rehearsals by 5:30am based upon what I see out our window and post to our website, Facebook, Instagram and via email.

Please assume rehearsals are running unless we post, but alway make safe decisions based upon your own circumstances. If you decide your/your child’s drive is unsafe due to the weather, as with any early-morning absence, please just email to let us know if you are keeping them home so we are aware and not worried they’ve had trouble on their way in.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate email and know that our priority, especially on these winter mornings, is always your child’s safety.