Important Updates for March 12/13 next week!

A reminder of a few very important things for our last week before break around concerts, photos and rehearsals:

  1. Early morning rehearsal are back to normal for Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  2. Senior Wind Ensemble is performing at the elementary concert Monday night. Call for the band is 7:30. The band is closing the night.
  3. Yearbook photos for ensembles will take place on Tuesday March 13 at lunch. All students need to be in uniform at lunch time. It will be a tight timeline so please ensure you’re here, prepared and on time.

Tuesday, March 13 Yearbook Photos                     

  1. 11:30-Band 10
  2. 11:33-Senior Jazz Ensemble 10-12
  3. 11:36-Senior Wind Ensemble 11/12
  4. 11:39-Senior Concert Choir
  5. 11:42-Poppy VOX
  6. 11:45-Redhawk Voices
  7. 11:49-Band 09
  8. 11:53-Junior Jazz Ensemble 8/9
  9. 11:57-Band 08

We have our spring concert on Tuesday, March 13. Call is 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. Performers on Tuesday are:

  • Band 08
  • Redhawk Voices
  • Band 09
  • Band 10
  • Senior Concert Choir
  • Senior Wind Ensemble 11/12

Thanks so much for your ongoing support of your child’s music education!