Important Information for First Rehearsals

As we have first rehearsals on Monday/Tuesday this week but have had a different startup than usual, I wanted to pass along a few details for first rehearsals:

  • We will be playing on the first day so bring your instrument and accessories 
  • Grade 8’s – Please also bring your copy of Sound Innovations from last year as we will be working with Book 1 a little before moving into Book 2. 
  • Please be sure your CASE IS LABLED ON BOTH ENDS so you can see which instrument is yours sitting on the storage room shelves
  • We will be setting up TEAMS for class content and REMIND for communication right away so I encourage you to bring your device with you if possible. Also if possible, please install Teams (Microsoft) and REMIND: School Communication (remind101) ahead of time to help speed up the process.
  • EARLY MORNING JAZZ BANDS, SWE and CHOIRS – All music students attending a 7:00am rehearsal are to enter through the main front doors of the school when the arrive and proceed to their rehearsal space. 
  • Woodwinds and Brass players – We have a very small project on the first day that requires scissors. I will have some to borrow and clean, but I’d encourage you to bring a pair if possible JUST FOR THE FIRST DAY
  • Guitars and Basses – Please bring a strap, patch cord and tuner (8’s – no amps needed – we have those) 
  • Percussionists (Drummers) – Please be sure to bring your stick bag with all contents (8’s – we’ll cover this in class) as we are to avoid sharing sticks and mallets this year.
  • Grade 9’s and 10’s – While Concert Band doesn’t fall this quarter, please pop by to say hi if you’re not in Jazz or Choir. 

This will obviously be a different year, but seeing familiar faces yesterday and today, it’s clear the kids are excited to get back to making music. If you have any questions or concerns, please check the website or send me an email.

NOTE: If you are interested, we have posted a list of music-specific protocols posted to These protocols are based on “Guidance for Music Classes in British Columbia during COVID-19” (August 17, 2020 Update) but are subject to change based on adjustments to best practice and other directives.