A quick note to check in with members of the DW Poppy musical community

Teachers will be reaching out on the phone over the next few days and even though your family may not be on my assigned call-list, I wanted to take a moment to touch base and let you know I’ve been thinking about you all. It is clearly going to be a very different Spring and I hope that you are all doing what you need to for yourselves and your families to stay healthy and safe.

I know that numeracy, literacy and academics will be a priority (as they will be with my own children!), but if you intend on going into the school to pick up your child’s essentials, consider grabbing your child’s instrument if was left there over the break. I am NOT asking anyone to make a special trip, only if it is already part of your plans. 

In the coming weeks, we will be offering some opportunities for the kids make music on their own and hopefully in a way that will allow them to connect online with their musical friends and peers as well. In the meantime, consider dragging that horn out of the case and onto the front porch at 7:00pm to make some noise (or play O Canada!) in support of our amazing Front Line Workers.

It has been said that music is what feelings sound like. Right now, for many of us, the ability to express what we may have trouble saying may be just what we need. Take care and I’ll look forward to connecting with everyone again soon.

PS – For now, connect with the music department here at www.dwpoppymusic.com and our Facebook a nd Instagram channels @dwpoppymusic