20/21 Off-Timetable Schedule


I took the beautiful September 8th sunrise during my run this morning as an encouraging sign around all the potential new opportunities this year.

As we now have our quarterly calendar and our new bell schedules for the year, Jered and I wanted to update you on our off-timetable classes. Please note that as we continue to adapt to the current school format, we may need to tweak these times a bit, but it will let everyone sleep in a bit longer and get home a bit earlier.

DW Poppy Music OFF-TIMETABLE 2020/21 SCHEDULE (STARTING SEPTEMBER 14th) ***Adjusted September 9, 2020***

  • Senior Jazz and Junior Choir – Monday & Thursday before school – 7:00-8:15am
  • Junior Jazz and Senior Choir – Tuesday & Friday before school – 7:00-8:15am
  • Senior Wind Ensemble** – Wednesday before school – 7:00-8:15am and Monday & Friday at lunch
  • Vocal Jazz** – Tuesday & Thursday after school – 2:00-3:15

** We know that the hybrid senior schedule creates some challenges with our regular lunch and afternoon rehearsals, so will be talking to the kids during the first week about how we best address these challenges to meet the kids needs.