Alumni/Parent/Staff Band

Now that I have a bit of a sense of who’s interested, I’ve pulled a set for the band. Here are recordings of the three tunes we’ll look at on Tuesday evening, 8-9pm.

I’ll have parts prepared for the rehearsal but please contact me if you’d like to see the music before then. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask –


Looking for post-holiday music suggestions

So we’ve handed out a fair bit of music for the next few months, but we’re looking for suggestions from students for other ideas as to what they want to perform. We need ideas that have been written for band already so follow the link here: to the concert band listings for JW Pepper (think Amazon for music programs) and search for songs you’d like to play. Be sure you’re in the band listings and looking for the right difficulty:

  • Band 6/7 – Very Easy
  • Honour Band – Very Easy or Easy
  • Band 8 & 9 – Easy or Medium Easy
  • Band 10 – Medium Easy or Medium
  • Band 11/12 (SWE) – Medium or Medium Advanced