Students will need to purchase the following through your schoolcashonline account:
  • Band 8 & 9 Students – Sound Innovations II – $10
  • Band Students – Band Folders (Personalized) – $30
  • Choral Students – Optional Choir Folder (Personalized) – $35
All Instrumental Students will need to supply:
  • Instrument in good condition with your name and contact information on the case and all accessories.
Percussionists need to supply the following:
  • Bell Kit AND a Practice Pad or Snare Drum for home practice
  • Stick Bag with the following contents:
    • 5A Drumsticks – 2 pair
    • Medium Yarn Mallets – 1 pair
    • Soft Timpani Mallets – 1 pair
    • Hard Plastic or Hard Rubber Bell Mallets – 1 pair
  •  Drum set for Home Practice (please contact me if you have questions)
  • Wire Brushes – 1 Pair

As a member of an instrumental ensemble in the DW Poppy Music Program, it is the responsibility of the student to supply a playable instrument. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase or rent their instrument from one of the local retailers as the instruments will be of better quality and rent will generally apply partially or fully towards the purchase price. The school has a limited collection of more obscure school instruments available to rent for the year at a cost of $10 per month ($100 for the year). Instruments may be provided to families in financial need free of charge – please contact us for further details.

Please note that the teachers and the school cannot take responsibility for students instruments. Students need to ensure their instruments are clearly labeled with their name and phone number and that they are stored in the instrument storage room or their locker when they are at school. Check with your home insurance policy holder as your house insurance may cover the instrument.

The department will provide Band and Choir Students with music required for performance to be returned at the end of the course. A replacement fee per lost/damaged part may be assessed for lost or damaged music ($5.00 for band parts, $2.50 for Choir parts). Band 10-12 Students will also be provided with their Method Book to be returned at the end of the course. A $10.00 replacement fee for loss or damage may be assessed for lost or damaged method books.