Liner notes from INTERLUDE Concerts in the Key of Covid

2020/21 at DW Poppy has been a year of cohorts, two-hour and hybrid classes, separate lunch-hours, TEAMS meetings, online assignments, practices with no games, and rehearsals with no performances. While this year has been far from typical, as the year draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on new opportunities brought by this unique and challenging year.

Students explored music in ways differently than they have in past. Some wrote compositions for their ensembles, some performed solo works for their classmates, and they all recorded numerous times throughout the year. Some of these recordings have been overdubbed and edited to allow students multiple attempts at the best “take” while many were done “live”, capturing exactly how they sounded on that day, at that time, together with their friends. 

We know this disc may never see the inside of a CD player, but we wanted to give the students something different to remember this very different year. We hope this CD is something students will stumble upon in the future, maybe in the back of a drawer or the bottom of box of high school memorabilia; something to remind them that in this exceptional year, they still came together, with their friends, to do something “normal” from their pre-COVID lives. They chose to come together to make music and we want them to know what we feel honoured to have been part of their exceptional year.

Mr. Follett and Mr. Steeves

June 14, 2021

Tracks released on CD

Online-only tracks