Repertoire Recordings


Video Recording of the following are due before class on Tuesday, December 17. Video must capture your full performance (instrument, hands, face). If you do not have appropriate tech to complete it on your own, see me by Monday, December 10.

Email video with Subject: ESPRESSIVO EXCERPTS – Senior Jazz – YourLastName to be 2 separate videos at low resolution or one single video, but ensure they are in 1 email and the subject is as indicated or I will not receive the video.

Use a physical metronome, a metronome app, the  online metronome or play with the recordings to ensure you are playing in time and at the performance tempos.

  1. Christmas is Coming:
    • Saxes: 22-34
    • Trumpets: 22-34
    • Trombones: 22-34
    • Rhythm Section: 22-34
  2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing:
    • Saxes: 31-51
    • Trumpets: 24-30
    • Trombones: 9-17
    • Rhythm Section: 25-41
espressivo repertoire:
espressivo leanring Map:

Current Repertoire
New Repertoire

If you would like input on charts to play through the rest of the year, you can visit, go to “Band” dropdown and select “Jazz”. To find music at the level of Senior Jazz Ensemble, pick a style from the menu on the left and when those charts load, select “Medium” from the “Grade & Difficulty” options on the left. Send me links or post recordings to REMIND.