Senior Choir 10-12: Senior Concert Choir          

Remind code:

text @seniorcham to (587)409-5765

 Structure of our Group(s):
  1. Senior Concert Choir.  This is everyone singing.
  2. Senior Chamber Choir.  Out of the main group I will audition anyone for a small group of elite singers to form a small ensemble (Chamber Choirs are smaller than Concert Choirs).  I will select approximately 8 singers to form Chamber Choir.  Audition materials have been posted.  You can sign up for an audition next week.
  3. S/A Chorus.  This is everyone who sings the Soprano or Alto part in Senior Concert Choir.
  4. T/B Chorus.  This is everyone who sings Tenor or Bass in Senior Concert Choir.

All of these groups rehearse from 6:45-8am on Tuesday and Friday.  I will notify the group when we are rehearsing “special teams”, and if you are not involved with that group, you get to sleep in that day.  This will naturally put more pressure on you to learn your music in a shorter amount of time and Flex Block will become a more valuable resource for you.  It’s important that you stay informed through the website and remind so that you don’t miss anything, or show up for something you didn’t need to show up for!

Our Repertoire for this Year
Fall Concert/Nace Clinic/Remembrance Day


When I Sing

Dreams of Thee

O Canada

After the War (for both Concert Choir and Chamber Choir)



Gabriel’s Message

Dak Il Tas

SA Chorus – Taylor the Latte Boy

TB Chorus – I Am The Pirate King

Mass Choir Selection TBA


Spring Concert/ Collab Tour/ Toronto Tour/ Kiwanis Festival

Sesee Eeye


Circa Mea

No Matter

Nda Wana

Schubert Songs

For the Beauty of the Earth (Chamber Choir)


Final Concert

J’Entends le Moulin

Haec Est Dies (for Concert and Chamber Choir)

Freedom Train (Mass Choir)

SA Chorus – Sweet Dreams are Made of This

TB Chorus – Good Night Dear Heart


Repertoire recordings:


Practice Tracks

Haec Est Dies – Choir 1





Haec Est Dies – Choir 2





Haec Est Dies – all parts


Sweet Dreams – all parts

Sweet Dreams – Soprano 1

Sweet Dreams – Soprano 2

Sweet Dreams – Alto 1

Sweet Dreams – Alto 2


Freedom Train – piano & tenor

Freedom Train – piano & soprano

Freedom Train – piano only

Freedom Train – piano & bass

Freedom Train – piano & alto

Freedom Train – complete – all parts


For The Beauty of the Earth-Piano Only

For The Beauty of the Earth-Tenor

For The Beauty of the Earth-Soprano

For The Beauty of the Earth-Bass

For The Beauty of the Earth-Alto

For The Beauty of the Earth-all parts


J’entends le Moulin-All parts

J’entends le Moulin-Piano only

J’entends le Moulin-Alto

J’entends le Moulin-Tenor

J’entends le Moulin-Soprano

J’entends le Moulin-Bass


Where The Shadows Lie

The Pirate King – Full version

The Pirate King – piano only

Taylor The Latte Boy – Sop 1

Taylor The Latte Boy – Piano Only

Taylor The Latte Boy – Alto

Taylor The Latte Boy – Complete

Taylor The Latte Boy – Solo

Taylor The Latte Boy – Sop 2

Elijah – Full Version

Elijah – Soprano

Elijah – Alto

Elijah – Baritone

Dreams of Thee – Full Version

Dreams of Thee – Soprano

Dreams of Thee – Alto

Dreams of Thee – Baritone

When I Sing – Full Version

When I Sing – Soprano

When I Sing – Alto

When I Sing – Tenor

When I Sing – Bass