PDF Registration Forms: Fort Langley | North Otter | Peterson Road

I am very excited to let you know that next year’s grade 6 and 7 students will again have the opportunity to take band at Fort Langley, Peterson Road and North Otter Elementary Schools

At the beginning of the year, student can pick one of 7 instruments to start:

After our first concert in December, students have the option to apply to try a new instrument. They can switch within what we already have in the band and we add Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Tuba, Percussion (Mallets & Drums) and Bass.

Beyond experiencing the joy of making music, band develops of a group of friends that lasts a lifetime and establishes some rather profound environmental influences which will help determine much of your child’s success in school well beyond music. We know that engaged band students represent the top of the academic scale in school, average higher verbal and math skills. We also know that most band students enjoy a successful academic high school career, go on to post-secondary education and become the leaders in our society. Membership in band is one of the most positive experiences you can offer your child, helping nurture and develop self-discipline, social and communication skills, positive self-image, cooperation and creativity through their study of music. Band is an investment in your child’s future as these life-skills will be an important foundation for the various responsibilities they take on later in life.

Your child will have an opportunity to see the instruments that are available to them as a beginning elementary band student (Fort Langley on June 12, Peterson Road and North Otter on June 13). Here is the link for you to register online or you can submit the paper form your child received at their Instrument Demo Day.

Below is an FAQ for beginning band, but if you have any questions, please email me at and I will be happy to help.


1. Do I have to know how to play an instrument to join?

No. As most students who join band in grade 6 do not know how to play an instrument, we will “start at the very beginning.” If you have experience, this will be a plus as you may find it easier to learn your band instrument. so let us know. For those students who are experienced, we will be moving ahead quickly and will aim to challenge you throughout the year as well!

2. Can I participate in sports and band?

Yes, students can participate in band and school sports. Band will be part of the regular schedule of classes and will not conflict with athletics. Many of DW Poppy’s top athletes were also members of the music program.We have many band students involved in athletics. When occasionally conflicts arise around our concerts, we work with both the student and the coaches to come up with a workable solution for the team, the band and the student.

3. When are rehearsals?

The rehearsals take place twice a week during regular school hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On non-band days, students should be brining instruments home and should be practicing to prepare for the next rehearsal

4. How often does the Band perform?

We will perform at least three evening concerts during the year, a winter concert in December, a spring concert in early March and at the end of the year in June. Dates will be announced in September and concert participation is a course expectation.

5. Do I receive a grade for band?

Yes, you will receive a grade just like you do for the rest of your classes.

6. How do I choose an instrument?

Instrument choices need be made based on both the student’s interest and physical characteristics. We also need a balanced number of instruments for the band to be educational, successful and fun. I will help with your child’s final decision taking each factor into account but please let me know if there are any concerns along with way. 

7. When and how should I get an instrument?

You will need your instrument for your first rehearsal the week of September 16, 2019. As soon as you receive your instrument assignment, you should organize your rental. You can visit Long & McQuade Music, Tom Lee Music, Tapestry Music or another music store to rent or purchase your materials. With these stores, the rent, or a portion of it is applied to the purchase of a quality instrument in good playing condition. If you decide to purchase or rent your instrument elsewhere, that’s fine but do not buy an instrument from a non-music retail store! These instruments often look shiny and seem like a good deal, but they are usually poorly constructed, often are not playable for long, break easily and cannot be repaired! You don’t need to obtain the most expensive instrument available, but help your child succeed by getting an instrument that will be playable in the beginning and easy to maintain. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR CHILD’S INSTRUMENT ASSIGNMENT.

8. What costs are associated with elementary band.

Flute,Clarinet,Trumpet and Trombone rentals start between usually start around $15 per month. Saxophone and Baritone rentals start around $30-35 per month. Clarinet and saxophone reeds cost around $20-30 for a box of 10, Rico Royale #2 reeds, which should last the year. Students will also need to purchase a method book (Sound Innovations Book 1 – about $10) and a folding wire music stand for home practice (about $10 as well). For students that cannot afford to rent/purchase an instrument, there may be some other options available. Please contact me if you have any concerns as I want to make sure that every interested student can participate in band.

9. May I use or purchase a used instrument?

Sometimes you can find a good deal on a used instrument or you may have one available from family or friends. If you a going to play a used instrument, it is essential to have it checked over by a reliable repair technician before starting. An instrument in poor repair will be frustrating and discourage even the most enthusiastic student, so we recommend you have us check the instrument over first and then take it in to Long & McQuade Music or Tom Lee Music here in Langley for a tune up before September.