Welcome to band!

Here you can find information related to beginning band at Fort Langley, North Otter and Peterson Road elementary schools.Click here to download the September Band Letter for Fort Langley, North Otter and Peterson Road.

Instrument Selection:

As we begin our year, we will start meeting with students the week of September 10, but students will not need instruments until the week of September 17. Those students who selected band and registered in the spring will receive their instrument assignment September 10 or 11. If your child has not yet received their letter or they are new to their school, we will be discussing instrument selection during the first two classes. Please feel free to discuss your child’s interests with your child’s instructor so we can help select the instrument that will help them find the most success.

Online Rentals:

Tapestry Music offers online rentals which will be delivered in time to start rehearsals. Please find more information at Tapestry Music Online Rentals or by visiting www.tapestrymusic.com and clicking on “School Rentals”. As long as you place your order by Friday, September 14, your instrument will be delivered to your school by your first with-instrument rehearsal.

In-Person Rentals:

You can rent or purchase instruments and other required materials through Tapestry Music (604-538-0908), Long & McQuade Music (604-530-8704) or Tom Lee Music (604-532-8303).

Three warnings about instrument rental or purchase:
  1. Do not buy an instrument from a non-music store! These are often poorly constructed, break very easily and cannot be repaired!
  2. Please do not purchase the colourful plastic instruments as they are only toys. The few that have shown up at school break easily and quickly frustrate kids. (**Student clarinets are black and look like plastic, but are fine**)
  3. If you have access to a used instrument. please take it to one of the music stores below for a tune up. Any instrument in disrepair will frustrate even the most enthusiastic beginner.
Required Materials:

Here is the list of materials students will need for their first “on-instrument rehearsals” on September 17 or 18 depending upon their school. All of the below items (other than the wire music stand) need to be brought to all rehearsals:

  • All Students:

    • Folding Wire Music Stand ($15-20) for home practice
    • Sound Innovations Book 1 (blue and white cover, the version for your instrument)
    • A Pencil
  • Flute:

    • Cleaning Swab
    • Polishing Cloth
    • Cleaning Rod
  • Clarinet & Saxophone:

    • 1 box of 10 – Rico Royal #2 strength reeds (Grade 7’s who played last year should be purchasing #2.5 strength reeds now)
    • Cork Grease
    • Cleaning Swab
    • Saxophones also need a Neck Strap
  • Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, French Horn & Tuba

    • Mouthpiece Brush
    • Cleaning Snake
    • Valve Oil
    • Slide Cream
    • Trombones also need Slide Oil
  • Basses** upon consultation with your band teacher, Basses need to rent an Electric Bass kit

    • This should include: Bass, Strings, Patch Cord, Practice Amp, Gig Bag and Strap
    • All of the above needs to be brought to rehearsals
  • Percussion** UPON CONSULTATION WITH YOUR BAND TEACHER, Percussionists need to rent a Percussion Kit

    • This should include a Bell Kit (like a silver xylophone), Snare Drum, Instrument Stand, Drum Sticks, Mallets, Gig Bag.
    • All of the above needs to be brought to rehearsals



Here are a few videos to help review basic instrument setup (from me and another teacher) to very quickly reviewed what we covered in your first on-instrument class. Ask me any questions during setup and teardown in class and we’ll be set!

Thank you for supporting your child’s music education and introduction to band. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Follett at mfollett@sd35.bc.ca (Fort, North Otter & Peterson) or Mr. Ablitt at wablitt@sd35.bc.ca (Wix & Coglan) and we will be pleased to do whatever we can to help your child be successful.