Concert Attendance

All DW Poppy’s music classes are performance-based so participation in all local performances outlined in the attached DW Poppy Music Calendar of Events is a course expectation. If you are absent from a performance, music’s version of a final exam, the previous months of work by the ensemble is suddenly incomplete. This can have a tremendous impact on the success of your classmates.

Parents and students are asked to communicate any schedule conflicts as soon as possible. We will work with you to find a solution in everyone’s best interest. In case of emergency situations, please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible after the event. Students who miss performances will be asked to individually perform the concert repertoire to demonstrate their proficiency. Since credit is given based upon students’ performance proficiency at both rehearsals and calendar events, unexcused absences will also directly affect a student’s grade for the term.

There are some dates that are still to be announced (TBA) and it is possible (although rare) that we may need to make changes to the concert calendar through the year. These adjustments will be communicated as early as possible and will be as understanding as possible of any conflicts that arise out of changes to the calendar.
Concert Setup & CleanupAt DW Poppy, part of our Personal & Social Responsibility to the larger musical community is demonstrated at concerts through setup and cleanup.  Students are expected to setup for two school performance each year. Signup will take place during the first week of school and the setup crew list will be posted in the music hall. Concert setup takes about 30-60 minutes (except for ESPRESSIVO: Winter Celebration and ESPRESSIVO: Summer Pops) and students need to sign-out at the end of the setup process.

After performances, every participating student is asked to stay and clean up so that rather than a few people staying very late, everyone is able to head home at a reasonable time. When cleanup is done, the sign-out list will be posted. If there are extenuating circumstances, please have your parent communicate those in writing prior to the day of the concert as we understand that there are occasionally challenges. Students who need to leave early will be asked to help out the following day filing music or another small project as every student helps contribute to the success of the program.