These protocols are based on Guidance for Music Classes in British Columbia during COVID-19” (October 16, 2021 Update) but are subject to change based on adjustments to best practice and other directives.

Note that while playing a wind instrument*, we actually move little to no air past the instrument. See the following video for an explanation and demonstration:

Hand Washing:

  • Please be sure use the hand-sanitizer station outside the band room or in the band pass-through on your way in and the way out of class.
  • Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Piano players are reminder to wash their hands before and after playing their instruments and using amplifiers

Social Distancing:

  • Physical spacing is maximized within the band room during rehearsals and on stage during performances.


  • While we are able to maintain social distancing in our rehearsals, while playing, masks are still encouraged for all musicians (student and professional) by the research from UC Boulder. 
  • Reeds (clarinet and saxophone) and brass players may remove their mask when playing, but the use of a musician’s mask is encouraged. You can order them from Tapestry music here:
  • *As flutes blow over the instrument rather than into it and masks make this more challenging, flautists will be making “flute shields” their first few rehearsals (see a video here). If interested, these can replace this with a “WIN-D-FENDER” which can be ordered through Amazon or our local music retailers.

Baritone Saxophone and Brass Players:

  • Water Keys are to be emptied onto Paper Towel and the paper towel disposed in the garbage at at the end of rehearsal. Paper Towel will be available in rehearsal spaces.


  • As usual, please be sure to bring your own stick bag with contents. This will be important to remember this year as we should not be sharing materials unnecessarily. (The contents are the same as previous years)
    • Two pairs of 5A Wood Tip drumsticks (so that you have a backup when one breaks)
    • One pair of soft yarn mallets (For cymbals & vibraphone)
    • One pair of hard plastic bell mallets (For bells & xylophone)
    • One pair of medium Timpani Mallets
    • One pair of Remo Wire Brushes (Jazz Band only)